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Welcome to the future! YOUR future!

Let me start by thanking you for visiting our website. We endeavour to provide you with ALL you need to pass your learners licence. This site is not cluttered with unnecessary information, it is not covered in adverts and it is not littered with links to various other sites wanting to send you adverts for items/services you will never need to see.

We will give you the essential, dare I say concise, information to assist you in succeeding.  

Some useful pointers:

Registration: Registration is FREE!!! Yes you read correctly, FREE! The details you enter with registration enables us to build a data base from which we can source valuable statistics. These statistics are used to further develop the site. You may also at this stage choose to buy credits to practise some tests.

Demo Test: Here you will find some questions which will give you a taste of what you can expect from the 500 question data base. Please note that these questions are not only content specific but it is also in a format similar to the authorities. Yes, the DEMO TEST is also FREE! 

Preparation:This tab will provide you with all the info/study material you need. Your test at the authorities will consist of road signs, road rules and vehicle controls. We divided the study material up into those exact categories for your convenience. All this information is FREE!

Tests: Unfortunately the actual tests are not free. We have to generate some income to pay the bills. You may at any time purchase credits from your profile page. We suggest you start with 10 credits. This should enable you to write at least all the tests twice. You will soon see the value of writing these tests. Remember, you may purchase credits at any time. You can pause your test, look at useful hints and then return to the test without losing credits while paused or logged out. The test menu is easy to understand and even easier to operate.   

PS: Feel free to navigate through the site and its contents. There is also a very useful “Getting Started” button should you need help.

Enjoy, and good luck!                     

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